Avorn LLC's approach to legal work focuses on getting deals done and resolving disputes efficiently.  The goal of engaging a law firm should be to protect the business and achieve better outcomes - not for the lawyer to bill as much time as possible by changing "agree" to "hereby agree".  We have designed legal operations from the ground up, and can equip your company with the right documents and practices to thrive on your own.

Emerging Companies and Venture Capital
  • Company formation

  • Contract drafting and negotiation

  • Commercial and licensing agreements

  • Early stage financing

  • Employee equity

  • Cap table management

  • Compliance

  • Outside general counsel

Fundraising and Financing
  • Pre-seed

  • Series seed, Series A, and beyond

  • SAFE Notes and Convertible Notes

  • Equity financing

  • Founder loans

  • Term sheet negotiation

Outside General Counsel
  • Contract drafting and negotiation

  • MSAs, vendor agreements, other commercial agreements

  • Office lease and real estate transactions

  • Employment issues

  • Equity administration

  • Cap table management

  • Drafting of company policies

  • Compliance

  • Employee equity

  • Offer letters

  • Termination

  • Employee policies and practices

  • Employment disputes

Information Security and Privacy
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

  • GDPR/CCPA compliance

Intellectual Property
  • Trademark applications

  • Office actions

  • License agreements

Business Litigation
  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution

  • Contract disputes

  • Fraud

  • Trademark infringement

  • Employment disputes

Regulatory/Policy Advising
  • Industry-specific regulatory compliance

  • Policy advocacy