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    Avorn LLC

    Technology lawyer with a sharp business focus. Outside General Counsel services, commercial transactions, and financing counsel, with lower fees than a big law firm.

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    I graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University, and got my J.D. from NYU Law School.


    I started my professional career on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law.


    I worked at a major global law firm for several years, and then went to Lyft, where I advised the company on regulatory policy across the United States. After Lyft, I became the general counsel of Pilot Fiber, a VC-backed Internet Service Provider in New York. 


    I've worked as General Counsel/Head of Legal for several companies, including an AI-powered SaaS provider, a biotech startup, and held a senior legal role at Knotel.



    My approach to legal work focuses on getting deals done and resolving disputes efficiently. I've spent most of my career inside tech companies, from pre-seed to pre-IPO so I know how business people approach legal challenges. The goal of engaging a law firm should be to protect the business and achieve better outcomes--not for the lawyer to bill as much time as possible by changing "agree" to "hereby agree". I've designed legal operations from the ground up, and can equip your company with the right documents and practices to thrive on your own.

    • Contract drafting/negotiation
    • Early stage financing
    • Representation of employees, former employees, and management in employment disputes 
    • Advice on employment practices/drafting of employment documents
    • Regulatory/policy advocacy
    • Commercial disputes
    • Office lease/real estate transactions
    • Drafting of company policies
    • Information Security & privacy



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    Phone: (646) 389-8304

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